Kinsale’s Unique Pubs

Among the colorful, character-filled buildings lining Kinsale’s streets, visitors will find noteworthy pubs frequented by locals. While it would be nearly impossible to visit all of Kinsale’s 50+ eateries, these are some of the pubs that are as unique as the city they are located in

Kitty O Se’s

Kitty O Se’s Pub is a must visit spot favored by both locals and visitors. The pub is the only traditional Irish music venue in Kinsale. Every night of the week, you can find live music by great local bands. The sound of traditional music travels down Kinsale’s streets inviting those walking by to enjoy a pint of Guinness and to dance with locals. 

The pub is family friendly and is the perfect place to introduce children to Ireland’s beautiful music. The best time to take a seat for dinner is around 6:30pm so that live music will start while you are enjoying the region’s dishes. Inside, Kitty O Se’s bar area can hold up to 200 people, so after 10pm it may become a little too loud for younger guests. 

In addition to great music, the pub serves up pints of Guinness, Irish Coffees and incredibly fresh locally sourced seafood. While you’re there you can taste test local Irish food like Fish and Chips, Cottage Pie and fresh mussels. 

Lord Kingsale

The Lord Kingsale pub is one of the oldest establishments in the area. It has been an operating pub for over 250 years and continues to be a landmark spot to enjoy a pint of Irish ale and a homemade meal. Today, the bar also operates a banquet room for events, and 10 homey guest rooms upstairs.

The pub, like the majority of Irish pubs in the area, is family friendly and deep rooted in the community. The atmosphere reflects Kinsale’s cozy and welcoming feel with its stone walls and fireplace. Whether you take a seat at a table, bar stool or booth, you’ll likely end up staying for hours. Depending on the day, The Lord Kingsale will host singers, bands and poets.

The Spaniard Inn

The Spaniard Inn Kinsale
Courtesy of The Spaniard Inn

With a unique view of Kinsale’s town area from across the harbor, The Spaniard Inn has been around for centuries. It was inspiration for Irish poet Desmond O’Grady’s The Spaniard Inn, after his many visits to the pub. In his poem, he speaks about the bar’s live music which won the Traditional Irish Music Pub of the Year award in 2004. 

The Inn houses both a traditional dining area and two bar areas for guests to choose from. Visitors can also enjoy the bar menu outside at picnic tables where heaters are turned on during cooler days. Wherever you choose, the intimate atmosphere and rustic charm transports you back in time. 

Being right on the harbor, The Spaniard Inn prides itself on its close relationships with Kinsale fishermen. They serve only the freshest local fish, vegetables and famous Irish beef. 

The White House Bar

Courtesy of © Tourism Ireland

The White House Bar is a bright, yet cozy spot located among colorfully painted buildings in the center of town. Whether you’re staying at The White House’s guesthouse or taking a stroll downtown, it is a convenient place to stop. Here, you can find a lively room full of music and gourmet meals that reflect Kinsale’s title as the culinary capital of Ireland

Their bistro menu is available all day in both their relaxed dining areas and by the bar. Dishes range from Chicken Curry and Tower Burger to the Vegan Burrito and Hot Wings. With rotating daily specials, The White House balances a traditional Irish pub atmosphere with high quality food. 

The White Lady

The White Lady is a short walk from Kinsale’s center, and is nestled among homes, restaurants and inns. The White Lady itself is a full-service hotel with a separate restaurant and bar area. The pub area is a lively venue for visitors to meet and share stories with the friendly staff and locals. 

Whenever there is any kind of game or match happening, The White Lady’s flat screen TVs will surely be on. Here, you can catch rugby matches, golf tournaments or English Premiership League games. If there’s something else you’d like to watch, staff are more than happy to switch it on. 

Among the many laughs that are sure to be had at The White Lady, visitors can enjoy a la carte items prepared by the hotel’s head chef Syed. These dishes offer Irish classics with a slight Asian twist. 

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