Unpacking Luxury Travel: What Makes Private Jets So Unique?

private jet interior

Do you like to travel and are you looking for a unique experience to make your next vacation more memorable? Consider private jets and flying privately whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure; it might be the best option for you and not nearly as pricey as you might have believed. Contrary to popular assumption, private jet prices can sometimes be considerably lower than most people anticipate, and the advantages frequently make them a more than worthwhile investment.

What makes private jets so unique? 

private jet at airport

When considering a private plane, keep in mind that the cost covers more than just the actual service. It also includes comfort, privacy, and an amazing experience.

Imagine boarding your flight without experiencing any of the stress and strain that come with travelling to an airport. This is only one of the biggest advantages travelling privately can give you. Additionally, it grants you access to literally hundreds of airports throughout the world that are not accessible to the public. Therefore, you can arrive hours ahead of schedule if you have a crucial meeting that must be attended in a remote location or easily get direct flights to out of the ordinary destinations like St. Martin without the hassle of booking connecting flights. 

For many, however, it’s the luxury that makes it worthwhile. The comfort of having such a large amount of space to luxuriate in can’t possibly be overstated. In addition, the seating options you’ll find will blow past even the ritziest of business class options.

Fine dining during your journey

Your trip will be distinctive and memorable in different ways depending on the private jet company you choose. While others even offer tasting menus with wine pairings, some of them can provide seasonal menus and sophisticated catering. For those of us who are wine lovers, you should know that some private jet companies even have their own wine experience! They take advantage of the fact that how we perceive taste and texture is affected by the low air pressure we feel in the sky. It’s a wine menu backed by science!

Of course, cooking a meal a mile up in the sky might be impractical, but if you are willing to pay a little extra, you can have food from your favorite restaurant brought onboard to be heated up expertly once in the sky. There are also incredible buffets and fine dining favourites like caviar to sample. It really depends on what you’re in the mood for and who you’re flying with.

Personalised experience

glass of white wine swirl

Beyond a unique fine dining experience, some private jet companies have partnered with unique high-end brands to give you exclusive access to events worldwide. You could, for example, receive VIP access to certain art events and sporting competitions. Or you could find yourself being invited to very selective wine tasting evenings and other cultural events.

All of these benefits and much more can be easily unlocked with a private jet membership card which will not only give you exclusive access to special prices but it will also enable you to be the first to find out when new experiences and special partnerships are released. 

Flying private can be a practical consideration, but it’s also a chance to revel in the lap of luxury. 

Next time you have a business or personal engagement a few thousand miles away, before you start checking for the cheapest business class flights out of Heathrow, consider the private touch. You’ll probably never go back!

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