5 Best Cities for a Fall Vacation

Spectacular foliage and delicious food are primarily associated with the fall season. Whether you enjoy flavored lattes or cannot get enough of Halloween, this is the time of the year that makes it all happen.

Besides these characteristics, fall is one of the best seasons to plan your vacation. Since the weather is neither too warm nor too cold, you can visit various places that may otherwise have extreme temperatures during other seasons. In turn, you can enjoy the gifts of nature as you may never have before.

If you want to have a memorable trip this autumn, here are the five best cities for a fall vacation.

Richmond, Virginia

Booking a European fall trip can be expensive. This is especially true if you have a big family or are looking for a luxury travel experience. On the other hand, visiting a local city with just as much fall richness costs only a fraction of an international trip’s expense.

With its breathtaking fall foliage, pumpkin patches, and fall festivals, this Virginian spot has everything you need to make the most out of the season. With many hiking, apple-picking, and local food activities, you can enjoy seasonal treats in more than one form.

Whether you are booking flights from Atlanta to Richmond or any other city, the trip also provides some money-saving opportunities.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Heading down south during its short-lived fall season is an excellent way to enjoy the fall to its fullest. This especially holds true for Bowling Green, KY, known for its stunning fall scenery and seasonal activities throughout the Bluegrass State.

The city has several orchards that host iconic pumpkin festivals, but that’s not all. You can also take tours of haunted spots in the area and enjoy apple-picking activities. If the slew of events requires you to take more time off from work, use a calendar app to schedule your professional appointments without stress.

Litchfield, Connecticut

There are several spots in Connecticut to enjoy fall. Due to its proximity to marvelous sights, Litchfield often stands tall in this category. From the Garlic and Harvest Festival to the abundance of fall trees along its outskirts, this city has everything you desire from a seasonal vacation.

mt. tom lake ct fall foliage beautiful scenery connecticut
Mt. Tom State Park. Courtesy of Visit Connecticut State Tourism

You can also visit the nearby Mohawk State Forest and Mt. Tom State Park to experience miles and miles of fall colors, wildlife, and scenic views. You can even get local guides to help you through these adventures or farm tours. Just remember to bring a sturdy backpack for these trips so that you can keep all your travel supplies in check without any problems.

Asheville, North Carolina

You can easily find various Connecticut hotels for a fall getaway. However, if you are looking for something outside of the Nutmeg State, there are high chances that you may see Asheville’s name on many lists of fall recommendations. There are good reasons for that. Asheville not only has splendid fall colors to enjoy, but it also harbors some phenomenal seasonal activities within its bounds.

Despite being in the south, Asheville’s fall lasts a long time. Apart from its longevity, the autumn there is also known for its significant visual effects. You can enjoy the seasonal foliage with a spectacular hot air balloon ride.

Portland, Maine

If you are searching for something different from the usual slew of fall destinations, checking the city of Portland, ME might give you the perfect answer. Despite being a seaside town, the city holds all the changing colors of the fall. In addition to that, it also provides you with mouthwatering seafood offerings, which is great if you are a fan of fresh lobsters.

You can use a Portland restaurant reservation platform to explore all types of eateries there. Since the weather is ideal for beach walks and brewery tours alike, this provides you with an ideal way to enjoy your fall vacation near the magnificent ocean.

By considering these cities for your next fall outing, you can have a joyous and wonderful time. Whether you visit with a special someone, your family, or your friends, this makes for incredible memories that you can cherish for a long time.

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