7 Surprising Facts About Ice Cream

Creamy vanilla ice cream in a white cup

Ice cream is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day or sweeten up any occasion. It’s a favorite treat that sends people of all ages into a state of pure bliss! While you may know a few things about ice cream, such as its creamy texture or the fact that it comes in many different flavors, there are quite a few surprising facts about this beloved treat. This article will share seven of them with you!

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It Takes 12 Pounds of Milk to Produce a Single Gallon of Ice Cream

One of the most interesting facts about ice cream is that it takes 12 pounds of milk to produce a single gallon. The process begins with pasteurizing the milk, adding ingredients such as sugar, flavoring, and stabilizers to the mix, and finally freezing it. This explains why ice cream is so rich in flavor and creamy in texture!

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

USA Consumes the Most Ice Cream, Followed by Norway & Australia

USA, Norway, and Australia lead the way when it comes to ice cream consumption. Americans eat an average of 48 pints per person every year, while Norwegians and Australians consume 46 pints and 28 pints per person, respectively.

The reason for this could be that these countries have an abundance of ice cream shops and/or a strong cultural preference for dessert. Also, due to their climates and the fact that they experience hot weather for a good portion of the year, people in these countries feel the need to cool down more often.

The Recipe Was Discovered by Christopher Columbus

The recipe for ice cream was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his voyage to the New World. While exploring the Caribbean Islands, he stumbled upon a frozen treat made from snow and syrup that had been frozen together by natives. The combination of textures and flavors was an instant hit!

Christopher Columbus was so impressed with the dessert that he brought back the recipe to Spain and shared it with everyone in his court. From then on, ice cream became a popular dish at royal banquets all across Europe.

The First Soft Serve Ice Cream Was Invented in 1934

Soft-serve ice cream was invented in 1934 by Tom Carvel. He stumbled upon the idea while driving his ice cream truck. One day, a flat tire forced him to pull over, and he decided to take the opportunity to sell what little ice cream he had left. To his surprise, it melted faster than usual, and customers loved its soft texture.

This inspired Tom Carvel to work on perfecting a recipe that would produce a similar result. After months of experimentation, he finally succeeded, and the first soft-serve ice cream machine was born!

Good Humor ice cream truck in Brooklyn

The US Celebrates Ice Cream for a Full Month

Ice cream is so popular in the US that it has its own dedicated month – July! Every year, ice cream companies and shops across the country celebrate National Ice Cream Month by offering special deals and promotions to their customers. To add even more fun to the occasion, many cities organize festivals or social events centered around ice cream.

Vanilla Is the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor

Vanilla is by far the most popular flavor of ice cream. A majority of ice cream consumers prefer this classic taste thanks to its creamy texture and sweetness. It’s also very versatile, as it can be used in a variety of recipes and toppings.

Harry Burt Was the First Ice Cream Vendor

Harry Burt is credited with being the first ice cream vendor in America. He began selling ice cream cones from a horse-drawn cart in Youngstown, Ohio back in 1894. These days, it’s estimated that over $9 billion worth of ice cream is sold annually in the US alone!

Whether you enjoy it as an occasional treat or indulge in it every day, these surprising facts about ice cream are sure to sweeten up your summer. The next time you head out for a scoop of your favorite flavor, be sure to remember where this frozen dessert originated from and why we love it so much!

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