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Credit: Rich Farm Ice Cream

Rich Farm Ice Cream dairy farm and ice cream shop is renowned across Connecticut. This ‘Dairy Farm of Distinction’ has been maintained by the same family since the 1950’s. Rich Dairy became a creamery in the mid-1990s and quickly amassed a cult following for their ice cream.

Connecticut residents cannot drive within a ten-mile radius of Oxford, CT without making a pit stop at Rich Farm. Rich Farm is a working dairy farm. Children delight in visiting the cows while waiting in the consistently long line to get their ice cream.

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History & Locations

What started as a small, little-known location has grown to something of famed proportion. The creamery is often so busy that lot attendants must be employed to help the masses park safely in the field. Rich Farm has also franchised.

In addition to the original location in Oxford, CT, this popular CT ice cream shop has locations in Brookfield, CT, Bristol, CT and Placentia, CA.

Despite these changes and unprecedented growth, the ice cream is still made the same way it was nearly 30 years ago. Their ice cream is handmade every day in small batches on the premises.

rich farm ice cream hot fudge nut sundae

Rich Farm Ice Cream Creations

From simple cups of vanilla soft serve to wacky limited availability flavors, Rich Dairy has something for everyone. Try the hot apple cider doughnut sundae—a true farmhouse treat. They also offer Ice Cream Cannoli and Ice Cream Pies.

Rich Farm also offers frozen Greek yogurt and no sugar added flavors.

Other treats served include ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, soda floats, and a superb soft serve and candy mashup known as a Razzle.

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Images courtesy of Rich Farm Ice Cream

Whether you have fond memories of visiting Rich Dairy as a kid or are looking to create a new family tradition, this creamery is a stop you need to make this season.

Rich Farm Ice Cream in Oxford is currently open seven days a week. Hours are Monday-Saturday 11:30am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-8pm. Please check their website for hours at their other locations. Cash only.

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