A Local’s Epic Greenwich Village Food Tour

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Greenwich Village is an iconic neighborhood in New York City that is filled with charming cobblestone streets, ethereal fountains, mesmerizing hidden gardens, and historic brownstones that pay homage to NYC’s unique past. 

However, it’s also an area that is home to the ever-famous NYU (aka New York University). Therefore, an eclectic array of eateries have popped in the area; a wide variety of restaurants that are almost as diverse as the students who live here. 

Ready to take an expertly curated Greenwich Village Food Tour with the help of a 30+ year local? If you want to experience the best that the Greenwich Village foodie scene has to offer, then read on to learn about some of the best restaurants in Greenwich Village. 

Bagels from Murray’s Bagels

Have you really visited New York City if you haven’t indulged in an authentic, over-the-top delicious, New York-style bagel? 

And the correct answer to that question is of course, a hearty “no”, which is why you should run, not walk, to Murray’s Bagels. 

Not only do they freshly bake some of the best bagels in the city, but it’s a super chill place where you can go to get a quick, inexpensive, and super filling, New York breakfast. 

And if you really want to order like a pro, go with an everything bagel with cream cheese. 

Yes, you will walk away with an incredible amount of cream cheese on your bagel, but it will be totally worth it. 

You also should NEVER toast your bagel since no respectable New Yorker EVER does this since the bagels here are good enough to be eaten un-toasted. 

Added bonus? There’s plenty of outdoor seating so you can relax and watch the people go by as you enjoy breakfast for around $5 per person. 

Pizza from Loring Place

If you have a bit of extra cash to burn and are in the mood for a fancy night out, then definitely make a reservation at Loring Place as part of your Greenwich Village Food Tour. 

This immortal Greenwich Village eatery is super popular since the head chef here, Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen fame, performs some kind of foodie magic as he transforms classic American fare into something you’ve never seen before. 

So, do not dine here without first booking a table, especially if you plan to visit for either dinner or weekend brunch.

This place also offers exceptional service amidst refined, chic, modern decor. Even though everything on their menu is insanely good, the squash blossom, whole wheat pizza is absolutely out of this world. It’s made with honey, ricotta, and chilies and is truly unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. 

Yes, it costs $24 for a single, personal pizza. But it is worth the high price tag! I dare you not to eat every slice of this divine pie of sweet and cheesy majesty.

breakfast in nyc coffee eggs on table

Breakfast at Fairfax

If you’re looking for a slightly more formal breakfast experience than be sure to give Fairfax a try. 

After all, the decor here is absolutely splendid and resembles a private home that is filled with a quirky collection of mismatched sofas, bookshelves, vintage posters, animal heads, etc. 

However, if you want to dine amidst a slightly more calming environment, then you can always opt for a table outside. 

Once you’ve settled in, order a petite omelette. While the light and fluffy eggs more closely resemble scrambled eggs than an actual omelette, the touch of chives really elevate this dish in a surprising way. 

Fresh and crusty bread also accompanies your meal and perfectly balances out the cloud-like eggs and small kale salad on the side. 

Finally, don’t forget to order a cup of coffee to accompany your meal since they are incredibly large and made with Stumptown Coffee, aka caffeinated perfection from one of the best coffee shops in the city.  

Mamouns falafel nyc best food
Images courtesy of Kelly Duhigg

Falafel from Mamoun

Because Greenwich Village is brimming over with college kids who party until the wee hours of the morning, you’ll find a ton of amazing, hole-in-the-wall eateries to satisfy even the most horrendous cases of the munchies imaginable. 

And Mamoun is one of those places. In fact, they’ve been serving up delicious Middle Eastern fare since 1971, and routinely make some of the best falafels in the city. 

If you’re not into partying hard, be sure to visit after attending an inexpensive but altogether amazing comedy show at the comedy cellar. Well-known comics like Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman regularly perform here, thus attending a show here is well worth your time. 

Also, even though many people swear by the tabouli sandwich, go with the falafel instead. It’ll cost you maybe $2 and comes with pita, lettuce, tomato, and tahini. Try to add a little hummus or baba ghanoush on top too since their falafel can be a bit dry. 

Just be forewarned that this place is popular, and seating is limited. Be prepared to stand while inhaling some of the city’s best falafel.  

Fries from Pommes Frittes

Just across the street from Mamoun’s on MacDougal Street is Pommes Frittes. It’s basically a small, basement level fry shop that serves nothing but hot and crispy, Belgian-style fries. 

Therefore, when you place your order, expect fresh, thick-cut, double fried Belgian fries that you can pair with more than twenty-five different, super unique sauces, like my personal fave the black truffle mayo, 

And while you may be tempted to order a large cone of hot and delicious fries, I found that a regular order (a steal at $6.50 each) was more than enough. 

However, if you’re in need of a slightly heartier meal while on your Greenwich Village Food Tour, you can always order some poutine while you’re here. 

Conversely, you could grab some fries and then visit Artichoke Basille’s right down the street. 

They’re known for their signature artichoke pizza which is basically the most delicious spinach artichoke dip ever, that is served to you on a giant slice of New York-style pizza. 

It’s rich and you probably won’t be able to finish an entire slice. But it’s like pure heaven in your mouth and well worth a visit while you’re here. 

French Cuisine from Buvette

Whether you’re a die-hard Francophile or just want to visit France without actually leaving NYC, Buvette should be on your list of places you must eat in NYC, and as part of your Greenwich Village Food Tour

Not only does this posh eatery have the ambiance of a suave and sophisticated French bistro, but they have ample outdoor seating too.

So, grab a seat and order the chevre, which is exceptionally good. It’s basically a small plate of steamed eggs that is served with goat cheese, sun dried cherry tomatoes, and fresh, crusty bread on the side. 

If you can, try and come at an off time (so early in the morning) since this restaurant is popular and does not accept reservations. 

They also don’t have menus and ask you to use a QR code on the wall to scan the menu and order. 

Joe’s Pizza

One of the many pros of living in New York City is that there is thin, crispy, cheap, and oh so delicious pizza around every corner. 

So, if you find yourself craving a slice of traditional, New York-style pizza while in Greenwich Village, then be sure to give Joe’s Pizza a try. 

It’s nothing fancy so you’ll probably have to stand and will be eating your pizza on a paper plate, but the slices churned out here represent everything good about New York Pizza. 

You are also forbidden from eating your pizza with a fork and knife. Instead, fold your pizza down the middle and then eat your plain slice from the tip all the way to the crust. 

You’ll know you’re doing it right if you see a river of grease spill out over your crust. 

Also, even though there are tons of outposts of Joe’s Pizza scattered all across the city, this one in Greenwich Village is definitely the best of them all. 

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