A Guide to the Gold Coast Mansions of Long Island

oheka castle long island aerial view
Courtesy of Oheka Castle

Long Island’s Gold Coast is scattered with beautifully maintained manors and estates. These mansions and manor houses boast magnificent gardens and architecture originating from the regions’ concentrated wealth in the early 1900s. Now, these Gold Coast estates welcome visitors to explore their awe-inspiring properties. 

Here is our guide to the Gold Coast mansions across Long Island, with all the information you need to know before you make your visit.

The Mansion at Glen Cove

Glen Cove

glen cove mansion
Courtesy of Glen Cove Mansion

A little over an hour from New York City, the 1910 Mansion at Glen Cove originally commissioned by John Pratt welcomes visitors to stay in elegant rooms and suites. John Pratt was a wealthy executive for the Rockefeller family’s Standard Oil Company, so every inch of the property was designed with luxury in mind. The property is the perfect mix of modern and classic, leaving guests feeling as though they are staying in a mansion picked right out of The Great Gatsby. 

The Mansion’s gorgeous grounds serve as the best backdrop for a delicious meal prepared by Executive Chef Rodrigo Bernal. Whether you opt for brunch, lunch or dinner at the Garden you will be able to enjoy great local seafood, chicken and steak dishes from the relaxing outdoor setting. 516-751-5622

Hempstead House

Sands Point

sands point hempstead house exterior gold coast mansion
Credit: Jean Marie Posner

Settled on Sands Point, about an hour’s drive from New York City, Hempstead House is one of four mansions on the Guggenheim estate. Built in 1912, the mansion used to serve as the Guggenheim’s summer house, hosting extravagant parties, performances, and exhibitions of renowned artists. When Daniel Guggenheim passed away in 1930, his wife Florence moved to another home on the property and opened Hempstead House as a temporary home to children that had been evacuated from Europe during the war.

Those curious about the property can arrange tours by calling the Gate House. Throughout the year, Hempstead House also hosts various lectures and concerts in their gorgeous halls and rooms. While there are no dining options available at the mansion, La P’tite Framboise French Restaurant is a charming dine a short 10 minutes away. 516-570-2281

Mill Neck Manor House

Mill Neck

mill neck manor spring cherry blossoms mansion long island
Courtesy of Mill Neck Manor

Mill Neck Manor House is settled on an 86-acre estate, about an hour outside of New York City. The Manor House is located near Beaver Lake and North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary Originally built in 1923, the house cost about $2 million dollars to construct. The Lutheran Friends of the Deaf, however, purchased it for just over $200,000 in 1949. Since then, the home has been in use by the Mill Neck Family of Organizations as a facility to serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Beyond that, they host events, meetings, photography shoots, and more.

Public tours are available one Sunday a month, with the specific dates listed on the website. They consist of 90 minutes on the property in groups of 25 people, accompanied by light refreshments and a trip to the gift shop. The Tudor Revival mansion is composed of 34 rooms, with a gorgeous granite and limestone exterior.

While there are no dining options on the property, Barney’s Restaurant is a mere five minute drive away. Serving upscale American fare, the restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday for dinner, and on Sunday for brunch and dinner.

Currently, monthly tours are available to the public, and must be scheduled in advance. 516-628-4239

Old Westbury Gardens

Old Westbury

old westbury gardens long island gold coast mansions
Courtesy of Old Westbury Gardens

Westbury House was completed in 1907 as the residence of John Phipps, the eldest son of Pittsburgh steel industrialist Henry Phipps Jr., and his wife Margarita Grace. The property remained the family’s home until John and Margarita’s children decided to open the property to the public in 1959. Today, the preserved house and gardens retain much of the original furnishings and decorations. 

On the property, visitors can take tours of the large house. As you walk through, you see areas like the White Drawing Room, the airy West Porch, Red Ballroom, the magnificent Dining Room and several grand bedrooms.

There is no shortage of magnificent, lush gardens to stroll through at this stunning Long Island gold coast mansion. Step into the 1920’s Lilac Walk. The Lilac Walk has its peak bloom around Mother’s day, or take in the wonderful rose garden. 

Grab a map when you arrive to ensure you do not miss the Thatched Cottage. The Thatched Cottage was a playhouse for John and Margarita’s only daughter, and the reflecting pool. Nestled within the gardens is The Cafe in the Woods. Here you can enjoy a coffee, tea and sandwiches among the greenery. 516-333-0048



oheka castle exterior and gardens huntington new york long island mansion
Credit: Phillip Ennis

In Huntington, an hour from New York City, you can find the second largest private residence ever built in America, OHEKA CASTLE. Originally owned by financier and philanthropist Otto Hermann Kahn, the property once hosted grand parties attended by royalty, celebrities, and government officials.  

OHEKA CASTLE is situated on the highest point on Long Island, so it is no wonder this 102 year old gold coast mansion is a popular tourist destination. On property you will find impressive grounds, a magnificent hotel and the fine dining OHK Bar & Restaurant. Here visitors can enjoy a casual yet elegant meal while overlooking the wonderful gardens from inside. Outdoor dining is also available on the Piazza. 

The OHK Bar & Restaurant and hotel guest rooms are taking reservations. Tours of OHEKA CASTLE are currently in full operation and available by advanced appointment. 631-659-1400

Planting Fields Arboretum

Oyster Bay

This 1920’s estate covers an astounding 400 acres, featuring expansive lawns, greenhouses, beautifully designed gardens, and much more. Located one hour outside of New York City, this gold coast mansion is an ideal place to spend a sunny day on Long Island. While many other mansions boast a good sum of acreage, Planting Fields Arboretum is one of the few that still maintains its original amount of land and buildings.

The William R. Coe Foundation, a public education foundation, receives grant funding for architectural and landscaping upkeep, as well as educational programs, exhibitions, and various forms of community engagement. The grounds are currently open seven days a week.

Tours of Coe Hall are available Wednesday through Sunday. Private tours are also available upon request. The Planting Fields Arboretum also offers free on-site parking.

Magnolia Cafe and Restaurant is located in the renovated Hay Barn. Magnolia offers a small selection of breakfast and lunch items, as well as lighter fare. The restaurant is open Thursday-Sunday. 516-922-9210

Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium


vanderbilt museum courtyard long island gold coast mansion
Credit: Vanderbilt Museum

Built in Centerport, on the Northport Bay, the historic Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium is approximately an hour and twenty minute drive from New York City. Willie Vanderbilt was a lover of the seas so much that in 1922 he decided to open his own marine museum to the public. The 43-acre property features an extensive collection of various interests, with over 40,000 objects.

After exploring the museum and planetarium, grab a bite to eat at Mill Pond House nearby. Mill Pond House is a quick five minute drive away, serving lunch, dinner, and weekend brunches. This elegant restaurant offers dishes such as steak, sushi, and lobster rolls.

The William Vanderbilt’s Eagle’s Nest Mansion is offers public and private guided tours. Tours may be scheduled by contacting carol[at]vanderbiltmuseum[dot]org, but may sell out and are subject to change. Planetarium tickets may be reserved online. Tickets are available online and in-person at the door. 631-854-5579

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