Wedding Decorations 101: How to Use Dried Palm Leaves in Outrageously Surprising Ways

wedding decor dried palm trees

Every year, there’s this one wedding trend that drives people gaga. For instance, white wedding dresses with lace, frills, and puffy sleeves in the 1900’s. Queen Victoria in 1840 stunned the country and her groom by wearing white, and ever since, white wedding dresses have become the golden bridal style.

In 2020, the world moved toward sustainable wedding decorations that saved the environment while making a statement. In 2021, the hottest wedding trend of all time is using dried flowers and palm leaves. Many people thought this trend wouldn’t stay on, but it spread like wildfire. Weddings of all sizes and across the globe are welcoming this trend with open arms.

Also, who doesn’t doesn’t love dried palm leaves or pampas grass? They’re so versatile, and once they’re dried and pressed, you can use them for your wedding and even reuse them later. They’re actually the best choice when it comes to decorating since many already know the answers to questions like how long does dried pampas grass last, how beautiful they would look, and how much money they can save you.

Dried flowers and palm leaves showcase a romantic, rustic, and boho appeal, but they can be used to appear sophisticated too. They are natural charmers and add depth to any wedding. Whether you are planning a fall wedding or a destination wedding by the beach, you cannot say ‘I Do’ with your wedding decor having some element of dried palm leaves.

Do you want to use dried flowers or palm leaves for your wedding decor, but not sure how? Read along to get some ideas on how you can cleverly use them for your wedding. If you store them properly after your wedding is over, you can use the decorations to decorate your home for special occasions or the venue of your anniversary party.

Let’s take a look at some of the glamorous ways you can use dried palm leaves and flowers.

Create a dreamy photo booth for endless photo sessions

Thanks to Instagram, weddings are incomplete without a proper photo booth where the wedding guests can take endless photos of themselves. The photo booth must have an artistic backdrop that creates the perfect background for Insta-worthy photos.

Whether you are planning a backyard wedding or an outdoor wedding, you can create a trendy-looking photo booth using pastel decor and palm leaves. Throw in a few dried flowers to the mix, pampas grass, and twigs. You will have a rustic-looking photo booth that captures the overall vibe of the wedding and doesn’t pinch your pocket.

For a laid-back, relaxed vibe, you can even place a chic sofa or string fairy lights.

Use dried palm leaves throughout the wedding venue

Dried palm leaves look very different when they’re dried. In fact, they have an entirely different personality. They become textured, frayed, wispy, and sculptural. It has a whimsical vibe that can turn your wedding decor into a dream-like sequence. Place them against the wall, along with a quote from your favorite author, and turn on the romantic vibe.

One of the best parts is you can upcycle the foliage and florals after your D-day is over. Therefore, you don’t have to hold yourself back from using as much foliage you need on your special day.

You can place dried palm leaves, along with grasses and flowers, inside a vase and place them on every table or just around the altar. You can create wreaths and hang them from the ceiling or create big statement pieces in various shapes and designs.

A whimsical backdrop for the altar

It is your day, and if you want the entire focus to be on both of you as you take your vows, you need to create a backdrop for the altar that is hard to resist. You can install a wooden pergola and decorate it using dried flowers, wispy pampas, twigs, and dried palm leaves.

Complete the look by adding plush carpets. The pictures of the romantic altar will stay in the memory of your guests for a long time.

Gorgeous arch or half arch

Pampas grass and dried palm leaves have become two of the most important wedding decor elements, and brides cannot get enough of them. These are used to create statement arches that look incredibly romantic, especially if it is a beach or backyard wedding. You can even install an arch in indoor weddings, but you’ll have to use lights to make it stand out.

If you’re not a fan of full arches, you can create half arches and create a magical environment. It can have romantic hues and bohemian textures, and the half arch could signify how your partner is the second half of your life.

Statement table centerpieces and chair decorations

Wow your guests by designing a grand centerpiece that makes a statement. You can place it at the entrance of your ceremony, framed to complement the bride’s processional. Alternatively, you can create table centerpieces for guests to enjoy when they sit down to enjoy their food.

Since the tables are getting their decoration, don’t leave the chairs empty. You can create wreaths using pampas grass, flowers, and dried palm leaves and hang them on the chairs, and they’ll look elegant and gorgeous.

Bridal floral bouquet made of dried foliage and flowers

Are you not a fan of the typical flower bouquets? There are reasons why you might not like those. They cannot be upcycled, for starters, and also if you want a good flower arrangement, the bouquet will be heavy. Bouquets of dried flowers are typically lightweight and easier to carry.

Also, you have to be careful that the arrangement is given proper attention and water. Bouquets made of fresh flowers don’t look great if the flowers start to wilt. The alternative is using a dried flower arrangement that doesn’t need sunlight or water to survive throughout the wedding ceremony and later.

So, these are some of the amazing ways to include dried palm leaves, pampas grass, and dried flowers in your wedding decor. Give it a try and watch your guests sing praises of your aesthetic sense.

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